Pillow specially designed to delay hair loss.

The SleepKeep pillow is a technical tool that contributes to delay or avoid the premature loss of hair by receding front hairlines and crown.

State of the art

Nowadays, there are plenty of products and treatments specially conceived to prevent hair loss. Nevertheless, there is not yet any pillow in the market that has a positive action over hair loss. SleepKeep pillow is exactly designed for this treatment in frontotemporal hairline and crown areas.

Several reasons can influence hair loss: a diet poor in essential nutrients, problems in the thyroid gland, infections, stress, anemia, certain cosmetic products, chemotherapy treatments, exposure to radiation, etc. The SleepKeep pillow, however, is apt for everyone showing signs of hair loss.


This new pillow helps you if you are suffering from hair loss thanks to its specially designed shape and dimensions.

Hair loss is due the enzyme 5-alfa reductase and the hormone of testosterone. The enzyme turns testosterone into dihidrotestosterone (commonly abbreviated to DHT). DHT is the primary contributing factor in male pattern baldness that results from hair follicle miniaturisation. The new hair is therefore, weaker and thinner.

While sleeping in a bed, the head exerts a tension to the pillow. The weight of the head in contact to the pillow reduces the blood flow and increases the temperature from your scalp. An inflamed and irritated scalp offers a poor environment for healthy hair growth.

Description of the product
Description of the product Hair affected by poor blood flow

The novelty of the SLEEPKEEP pillow lies in the fact that its diameter is smaller than usual. That is why the front hairline and crown are not in contact with the pillow and thus, they are free from any tensions and kept at lower temperatures. This has a positive effect on blood flow from the scalp, creating a better environment for hair growth.

The cumulative effect of lying in bed applying a contact pressure and temperature to the hairline and crown during an average of 8 hours per day, every day, has very detrimental consequences not only on irregular hair growth, but also on its weakening and thinning, resulting to hair loss. The SLEEPKEEP pillow prevents this situation from the first day of its use, and has no secondary effect.

Description of the figures

Figure A, B and C present the pillow and how it works. Figure A shows a general view of the pillow. It can be observed that it has a special cylindrical shape, as its diameter decreases from the center to the side. Figures B and C show the pillow in side view with two different positions usually adopted when lying in bed.

Figure A we can be observed that it has a special cylindrical shape, as its diameter decreases from the center to the side.

In Figure B, it is stated that the front hairline (6) cannot be pressed by the pillow (7), since the distance from the pillow to the upper part of the head is higher.

Por último la Figura C, shows that the crown can also not be in contact to the pillow, as it is also at a higher distance.

Descripción de los dibujos


The expected results obtained using this pillow can only be attained following properly the working instructions. Any irregularity on the employment will lead to very poor or no effects on hair loss.

The pillow has two ideal positions. The first one, as illustrated in Figure B, consists on supporting the side of the face always at the level of the cheek and never at the hairline.

It can also be used as shown in Figure C, where the head is supported by the area between the crown and the cervical, always avoiding the crown to be in contact with the pillow.

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